Hot Shots Tennis (2007)
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Publisher SCEA
Developer Clap Hanz

Hot Shots Tennis delivers fast-paced gameplay with brilliant graphics, detailed animations, and realistic physics. Featuring the signature Hot Shots attitude & the ability to host matches of up to four players, tennis fans and casual gamers can both enjoy tennis action with a host of wacky characters, exotic court locations, and fun-filled game modes. Practice a variety of strokes, enter challenge modes, and play singles or engage in doubles matches with up to four players. Intuitive control scheme allows pick up and play arcade fun for casual gamers, but but also emphasizes shot direction, timing, and angles for tennis lovers Signature Hot Shots Look and Feel -- the zany characters, colorful locales, dramatic camera angles, and realistic physics
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UPC 711719761020
Format DVD
No. of Disks 1
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 70
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Purchase Date 10/10/2007
Purchase Price $29.99
Store Gamestop
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