Ducks on the Miller Drain

Ducks on the Miller Drain

Ducks in a Row
[Sony A57 with Minolta 28-135mm at 120mm f/4.5 ISO-200 1/200sec]

Finally a morning that wasn’t raining and I wasn’t dead tired. I was going to walk the nearby Canal Park, but I’m waiting for what will hopefully be my new macro lens to arrive in the mail and as I tried to walk out the door my bike glared at me for having not ridden it since the group ride last month. I ended up in a local subdivision, nothing really catching my eye until I was nearly back to a main road and there was a bridge over a swollen creek or maybe a drainage ditch, likely flowing into the nearby Clinton River. Nothing too exciting, though I walked down the hill to the water, I spied these ducks further down. They didn’t take too kindly to my intrusion and retreated rather quickly.

Google says that was the Miller Drain which starts about 4 miles north and does indeed drain into the Clinton. I had no idea there were so many of these Drains. I’ve seen them here and there, but I was not aware they were named. Miller Drain even forms forms the northwest boundary of my apartment complex. I once tried to walk across one night on my way to Subway, stopping only a few feet from the water when I realized the greenery looked more like lily pads then weeds.

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